Milwaukee, Friends, Brewers Baseball and running – summer fun in Wisconsin!

It’s finally here – the long awaited for Milwaukee weekend!  Then again, it seems like lately, every weekend can be described as something that I have been waiting for all summer.  Each weekend brings new adventure, fun and challenges!!  
This weekend is no different!  Wendy and I headed to Milwaukee right after work on Friday to meet up with Matt and Molly to take in the Brewers game…  Another thing to add to my list of firsts for this summer – my first MLB game and first time even inside Miller Park!  Maybe I should have started a list of all the new things that I got to do or try this year, like a good friend of mine did.  I always look forward to hearing Dan’s additions to his list each time I see him!  
First time inside Miller Mark!

What a a perfect way to start the weekend!  It was a great night for baseball – the roof was open, the sun was shining and I was with some amazing friends!! Plus the Brewers won!  It ended up being a late night and we had to get up early to be at the stadium for the run, but the short night of sleep was worth every minute!  Thank you Matt for suggesting the game!

Bright and early Saturday morning we were headed bad Miller Park for the annual Sausage Run 5K.  When we all left the hotel, was looking like the perfect morning for a run around and through the stadium!  Temps were in the mid 60’s with a slight breeze.

Molly, Matt, Myself and Wendy – before the run

Unfortunately, the temps started to climb before the race started… it was going to be a warm one.  When we finally heading towards the starting line, the temperature was up to 73 and the breeze seemed to be fading.  We were determined to make the best of it and enjoy the day!  Wendy and I headed to our start corral to run, while Matt and Molly headed to their corral to walk the course together.  The way the temps were climbing, I would not want to be one of the Brewers Racing Sausages today, out running on this course in the bright sun and heat!

The first mile was spent weaving in and out of other runners so we probably ran more than just a mile by the time we got to the first mile marker and water station!  Just before mile one, we would pass the first 2 of the racing sausages – Hot Dog was plugging away with a small group of kids running along side, then a short distance later we would find ourselves passing Chirizo!  I give these guys so much credit for being out there!  I can’t imagine how warm it can get in those costumes!

According to my phone, mile 1 was under 10 minutes – a good start!  This would end up being our fastest mile of the day.  The temps were climbing and the majority of the course was around the parking lot, so there was not a lot of shade to be found.  The little bit of shade in the second mile was a welcome change, but it was not enough to really make much of a difference!  The 3rd mile of course took us right through Miller Park, coming in and running the warning track along the 1st base line, around home plate then out past 3rd base.  I thought about stopping to take some pictures, but I decided to hope that one of my other friends that were doing the run took some!  I just wanted to keep going and see what I could do with this run in the heat!

As we were coming long the back side of the parking lot, getting closer to the 3 mile mark, Wendy turned around and asked me how I was doing…  “Dying” was all I could get out.  She asked if I needed to stop and walk and I said no, I was going to finish this strong!  I knew we were nearing the end and I was going to push it to the end!

Wendy and I – after race, waiting for water!

Final official time – 0:31:31!  Not quite the 30 minutes that I have been striving for, but with the head today, I am not going to complain one bit!

After a Brewers game and running through Miller Park, what could make this weekend better?  Camping with Matt and Molly!  Relaxing around the campfire with a few beers, friends and laughs!  I was only planning on staying 1 night, but Molly decided that they were kidnapping me and not letting me leave until Monday to go to work… Ok, I guess it’s not really kidnapping if I agree to stay!  2 nights of quiet, relaxation with great friends was the perfect way to end an awesome weekend!

Next up… Packers Training Camp 5k next weekend!  

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