Meal Planning Made Simple

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“Mom, what’s for dinner?”  Yup, it’s 4pm, the kids are hungry and you don’t have the first clue on what you are making for dinner.  No time for browsing Pinterest for ideas or Googling the best meatloaf recipe in the world.  Besides who wants to have to do that every night?!?!

Even if you do enjoy browsing Pinterest or through that pile of cookbooks (yes some of us do enjoy that from time to time!), that doesn’t mean you always HAVE the time.

However, we all need to eat every day… and we might even want something a little “grown up” than a can of soup or a box of mac & cheese!

Today we talk about meal planning anyone can do.

NO, we are not talking about Roast Duck with a fresh orange sauce, or Julia Child’s Boeuf Bourguignon.  We are not making homemade pasta after a long day at the office.

We need simple.  We need something with room to accommodate today.

Sometimes we need “serves 1.” Sometimes we need to feed “a small army.”

I’ve been talking with some of my friends and clients and one thing is consistent…. we know we need to so more meal planning but figuring out the place to start is often tough!

This is where my Meal Planning template can help you out!  Simple foods, simple format.  All you need to do it make a few choices and then go shopping!

Don’t get me wrong. I love to cook and experiment.

But for everyday meals, I don’t want to have to (nor do I have time to) rely on Pinterest or Google for dinner ideas.  I need quick, reliable and stuff I know my family will eat.

Building sustainable, healthy habits is the cornerstone to a healthy lifestyle.

Who has time for experimenting with dinner every night?  Nope not me! (and my family probably thanks me for that!)

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Meal Planning made simple!

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