#LiveMoreNow with Buff!! (Part 3)

Disclaimer: I received a  variety of products from Buff to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

This is part 3 of a series about my experience with Buff and their #LiveMoreNow campaign!  Part 2 can be found Here.

So far, we have talked about my BUFF UV Arm sleeves.  You might be wondering what happened to that UV Multi-functional headgear that I mentioned bringing with me… well, it took me almost a week to find it in the car!  When you are basically living out of your car, stuff gets tossed everywhere!  We were never spent the night at the same place for more than 2 nights and the car looked like a tornado hit it.  When we finally cleaned out the car in Connecticut, I found it!  It was perfect timing too!  The last 2 races of the series were upon us and the heat was only getting more intense!  On Saturday in New York, I opted for the early start just to try and beat the heat!  The early morning 3:45am alarm was not fun, but it was better than the alternative… running when the sun was beating down on me later!  Once again, I stayed cool enough to finish strong with no heat related issues.

But the real challenge came on Sunday when we headed to the race in Pennsylvania.  Weather forecast had temp approaching 100 by mid afternoon, so they offered us an early start to the early start…. which meant we were on the trail by 4am… and a 2:45am alarm!  The only other time I have set an alarm for that early to run was at Disney!!  When we started running, it was already 70 degrees with 90% humidity!  The air was so thick it was hard to breathe!

I started out with my buff around my wrist but as soon as the sun came up and the temps started climbing, I was glad I had it with me!  To help us stay cooler, the race crew put buckets of ice water in a few spots along the course.  The first time I passed an ice bucket, I just dipped my wrist with the buff on it into the water and then squeezed the water out onto my head.  This worked, but only for so long… The next time I passed a bucket, I dipped my Buff in the freezing cold water and then put it on my head under my visor!    This helped keep not only my head cool, but also my entire body as the water would slowly run down my head and hit my arms and chest.


By the time I finished the race it was approaching 90 degrees and I was ready to be done!  I can honestly say that I felt good!  Much better than I have ever felt after finishing a race when the temps got that warm!

I enjoyed celebrating at the finish line with everyone else that was also completing their 8 day adventure.   I went into this adventure with the goals of meeting people, seeing the country and having fun.  Each and every one of those goals was met!!   Thank you BUFF for making my 1st week long racing series one that I will never forget. I am certain that I would not have survived the heat the way I did without both my arm sleeves and headgear!

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