#LiveMoreNow with Buff! (part 2)

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This post is part 2 of a series I am doing in conjunction with Buff’s #LiveMoreNow campaign.  My adventure that went with this campaign was going to be too much to put into one big post so I am breaking it out into a few mini posts!  The original post can be found here.

Here we go!!

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind!  Everything I have been training for over the last few months.  The miles of training, the early morning alarms.  It was time for the adventure of a lifetime!  Kelly and I headed out on a 12 day road trip that including 8 half marathons in 8 states in 8 different days!

I was excited to bring my Buff UV arm sleeves and UV Multi-functional headgear along!  I knew that these products worked well, as they have been with me over the last few months of training but I only had a few options to really test them out in the way they were intended.  Man, where have these been all my life??  I can honestly say that if it was not for these products, the week could have turned much different!

When you are running halfway across the country from where you train, the difference in climate can really play a factor in how you can perform and having the right gear can make all the difference!   For me, running in heat and humidity can be a a troublesome combination.  I have struggled for years to figure out the best way to dress, hydrate and recover from warm races.  Now I was faced with running in unfamiliar areas and weather that was going to be all over the board!  These last few weeks I learned that Buff was the missing piece!

On the day of the first race, I didn’t think anything different than normal and dressed as I normally would for a race.   Since it was pretty chilly when we left the hotel, I opted for capri’s and a tank, along with my visor.  I should have known better.  The carpi’s were too warm after my first 4 miles.  I stuck it up, enjoyed the morning and finished the race strong.

A few hours later, the heat headache set it.  It’s not a dehydration headache (I knew that I was getting enough fluids all morning) but one that always happens when I get too warm.  I worked on cooling myself off (we had a 2-ish hour drive to get to our next destination so I was enjoying the A/C in the car!) and getting myself more fluids and electrolytes.  The headache lingered.

The next morning I decided to grab my arm sleeves.  Day 2 was another beautiful course, which was partially on a shaded trail and partially in full sun…

My headache from the day before was still there, but I hit the trail and hoped for the best.   I realized really quickly that my Buff Arm Sleeves were going to be key to many of my mornings!  When races start at 6am (or 5am if you opt for the early start) it can be a bit chilly!  I almost always run in a tank top because I get warm quickly, but the Buff sleeves kept my arms warm while we were getting started during the wee hours of the morning.  Then, as the sun climbed higher in the sky, bringing the heat with it, by sleeves not only kept me cooler, but they also protected my arms from sunburn!

A few hours into my run, I also realized that my headache was gone!  Not sure what finally chased it away, but I was determined to not find it again!  I finished Day 2 much cooler than the day before and never experienced the heat headache that I expected to return!

As I mentioned, it’s not just the heat that gives me issues, it’s also the humidity.  Day 3 brought overcast sky’s but higher humidity.  Once again, I grabbed my arm sleeves and hit the trail!  I met some amazing runner, enjoyed the scenery around the reservoir and watched beavers playing along the shoreline (no pics because every time I took my phone out to take a pic, they scurried away!).  After another fun morning, once again… no overheating… no headache!

That was the clincher for me!  My arm sleeves were with me for the next several days!  They kept my arms protected from the sun, they helped keep me warm in the early  morning chill and then kept me cooler as the days heat arrived!  I felt great when I finished ,kept the headaches at bay and was already to go the next day for another adventure.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the adventure!

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