Live with Abundance

At a very young age, we all lived with ABUNDANCE.  We didn’t know anything else.  We knew what we wanted and we did what we could to get it.  When we were babies, we cried when we were hungry, cold or wet.  Someone was there to give us what we needed.  We had a full, ABUNDANT life!  As toddlers and young children we had no concept of not enough money, not enough love or not enough time. We knew we wanted that toy in the store, that we had family that was always there to love us or that we wanted to go to the park to play all afternoon.  Again, life was ABUNDANT and we were alive.  That feeling of plenitude was all around us.  The sense that any desire that we might have is being taken care of.  Nowhere in our thoughts were the concepts of “What if?” or “Can I?”.

But somewhere along the way from childhood to adulthood, the world changed us.  We no longer lived with the ABUNDANCE that we did as a child. That got lost along the way. We live in a world that is always sending us the message that we are not enough.  We are not smart enough, wise enough, old enough, rich enough, pretty enough, skinny enough… the list goes on.  Each of us may not experience all the notions of “not enough” but I can almost guarantee that you have been victim of at least one, at some point or another in your life.  If not, consider yourself lucky!

Our culture constantly perpetuates that there is not enough time, money, energy, love or opportunity.  But Why?

We are constantly conditioned by society to forget who we are.  To believe in comparison.  To want what others have, even if it does not line up with who we are.  We forget to look at what we want, need or desire and conform to what society has deemed as the norm.

You have the power within to live with ABUNDANCE all the time.  You just need to tap into it!

How do we do this you might ask?  We need to always remember who we are as an individual and commit to remembering that every single day.  By taking responsibility for yourself, you are no longer defined by the beliefs of society, your parents, your friends or anyone else.  You are responsible for your future, and you can decide how you want to be, each and every day.

We all need to keep in mind that ABUNDANCE is not something we acquire.  It is something that we tune into.  We need to stop and take the time to become aware.  Learn to observe, feed and grow the ABUNDANT person within.  Yes, we all have that ABUNDANT person inside of us, we just need to welcome our own version of our ABUNDANT self and help it grow

According to Katheen Graham, there are 3 steps in the formula for living with the flow of ABUNDANCE.  I could spend all day getting into the details of each one, but for now, I will at least hit the basics of each.

  1.  Sacred Discipline – Be a disciple to yourself and whatever you are creating.  Value the ability to create what you want in your life.  Feed your body, mind and soul.  Each day, take a look at what you need and develop a plan to strive for ABUNDANCE in each.  When we look at the basics (food, sleep, hydration and exercise) we are usually able to see pretty easily where we are ABUNDANT and where we are in need.  Focus on what YOU need and install a discipline to help you reach that point of plenitude.  Turning to the soul foods (Self care and spiritual practice), this is often where many of us struggle.  We need to remember to look at everything in our lives and work to create balance between it all.  Always take the time to care for yourself, feeding your soul the foods that it needs.  Spiritual practice can mean something different to each and every one of us.  For some it may be spending time in a place of worship, reading spiritual or motivational books, quiet meditation.  Look within yourself and do feed yourself what you crave.
  2. Turn up the Trust – Everyone can use more trust in their life!  Trust everything is happening exactly as it is meant to be.  Life will being you the right people at the right time.  Life has your back!  When things seem to be going wrong, you are simply getting rerouted down the right path.  Trust the process.  As you learn to turn up the trust, you will find that the perfect experiences will unfold at the perfect time.  Life in synchronizing itself!
  3. Living As If – Get out there and live your life as if you were already ABUNDANT in everything!   Think about this… what would your response be to situations that might be considered limiting or as breaking your confidence?  You would probably be more understanding and accepting.  You would potentially see “let downs: or “defeats” differently.  It would be easier to let things go.  Being able to move on without worry and be more accepting is part of having an abundant attitude.

Ask yourself these questions:  If you were already living with ABUNDANCE, what would you do?  What would you get rid of?  What are some steps you could take today that will bring you toward that ABUNDANT life you desire?  You have the power within… dig down and release it!

Get out there and be more fearless!  Don’t look at set backs as such, they are all learning opportunities!  Live with ABUNDANCE and nothing can get in the way of your goals and dreams!

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