Knockaround – A Knock Out when it comes to sunglasses!

“Disclaimer: I received 2 pairs of Knockaround sunglasses to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find, and write race reviews!”

This post is the 2nd in a 2 part series about the 2 different pairs of sunglasses that I received from Knockaround.  I was able to pick out 2 pairs of sunglasses – 1 pair for run, 1 pair to run… but I’ll be honest with you, I loved them both so much, I used them interchangeably!

Knockaround, Round 2!

The second pair of glasses I received with my shipment from Knockaround was a pair of their Frosted Grey/Moonshine Premium Polarized sunglasses.  These are your tried and true classic sunglasses with polarized lenses.  I figured these would be my pair to run with, but I also found myself wearing them for every day use too because they are lightweight and versatile!

Since I got these to run with, I truly tested them out the best way I knew!

First… we hit the track!  If these could pass the test and stay where they belonged during speed work, that was a HUGE win in my book!

Not only did they stay in place, but I almost forgot I was wearing them!  They never moved, never fogged up and kept me focused on my workout instead of my sunglasses!

June also meant lots of trail miles for me as I was training for an Ultra Marathon.  Most of the time, I don’t wear sunglasses when I am running trail because I just don’t need them.  Being in the trees, usually means more shade.  But I will always have them in my pack for when I am done, or if I hit an open area and need them.

Now, if you have ever run in the midwest, you know how bad the bugs can get.  The trails I was running meander through some swampy areas, so the bugs are even worse!  Another good reason to wear sunglasses on trail… they a basically a windshield to protect your eyes from those pesky bugs.  The only thing missing was a wiper to clean the glasses when they get splatted with bugs! (Maybe a feature on future models?  LOL)

As the end of June rolled around, it was the big test for these glasses… could they survive 8 hours on the trail, without me getting annoyed with them and tossing them on the bushes!?!?

The day started out at 5:10am and consisted of 8 hours of trails, mud, flooded rivers, sun, heat and everything in between (thankfully no rain).  I didn’t need my sunglasses for the 1st 5 miles but after that, carried them with me until I needed them (at about mile 8).  8 hours and 31 miles later, I still had my glasses!  They were perfect!

I have in no way been easy on these glasses.  Just as with the other pair, they get tossed in my bag, thrown around in my car, dropped on the pavement… like I said before, I am NOT easy on sunglasses.

I liked these glasses so much that I ordered 4 more pairs!

I had some fun with my order that I placed because one of the super fun things about Knockaround is that you can BUILD your own Custom Sunglasses!  you pick the frame, you pick the lenses, you can even pick difference arms for each side!  The choice is yours and again the price is reasonable – $25-30/pair, even when you build your own!!

I am stalking the mailman for my delivery and was hoping they would be here before I posted this, but I guess you will all just have to wait to see what I got!  Because they are gonna be cool!!

Ready to try out some Knockarounds of your own?  Head on over to their website and do some shopping and then when you find (or build) that perfect pair, use discount code “BIBRAVEKNOCKS2” for 20% OFF the entire order. Limited to one use per user. Coupon active only until 7/15.  Yes the code is only good until the 15th (Monday) so don’t delay!

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