Kickoff training run to a season on inspiration, motivation and who knows what else!

What do you get when you combine  2 days, a crew of crazy dedicated runners, a group of inspiring Captains and a crazy DJ?
You get the weekend to kick off the 2016 myTeam Triumph training season!
Captain Jenny was all smiles, despite the cold and snow!  Jenny, I am so glad that I finally got to meet you over the weekend!  Diane is right, you are amazing! Your positive attitude and motivation are infectious! I can’t wait to follow along on your IronMan adventures this year!
Running with your early morning running partner from last summer and you new running coach/training is always an adventure!  Apparently, I wasn’t running fast enough and needed to catch up!  
New running cadence or just dancing while we run?  Nope, that’s what happens when you have Mobile Run DJ Christian following you along your run!

New business adventure for Christian!  Run DJ/karaoke service!  You run and he will provide the tunes as well as the singing.  But beware, he will pass off the “mic” at a moments notice!
Thanks for an awesome morning Jenny!  
Day 2 brings together 8 Captains and about 20 angels to run laps with them for the 1st ever CP Telethon relay fundraiser!  Captains and angels were paired up to run as many laps as possible in the allotted 2 hours.  The winning team was invited to join Christian for the check presentation, live on the air that afternoon!
There were competitive race, and tons of infectious smiles everywhere thru the morning!
Tammy and I were paired up with Captain Ben and had so much run running laps with Ben and his mom!  
myTeam Triumph’s goals are so much more than race day.  These events are always so much fun.  Just us, enjoying time with the Captains, having fun, creating lasting bonds and memories.  
Over the last several years, I have been a volunteer, helped with several events and done what I could to support this amazing organization.  I am so glad that I decided to take that next step this year and actually RUN with them!  There is so much that I can learn from these Differently-Abled athletes!  They don’t know how to say “I Can’t”
They will inspire you, push you and you can’t help but smiles with them!
Together, we can accomplish anything!

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