Is weight loss possible on vacation?

It’s been a while since I posted an update and figured today was time.

The past week was a whirlwind week.  3 concerts in 3 states in 3 days, then an additional 3 days of exploring with my son for his birthday!  We are both huge fans of Home Free, an acapella country group originally from Minnesota.  They were headlining their own show at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville and he bought tickets last November the morning they went on sale.  When he asked me to join him, I felt honored.  He could have taken any of his friends but instead he invited me to go with him!

I was excited for the chance to finally explore Nashville but I was also terrified of what a 5 day road trip could do for my journey.   The last 8 weeks, I have stayed on track with nutrition and it was showing.  I knew that I wanted to be able to enjoy vacation and the foods of Nashville, but I also didn’t want to completely fall off the wagon.

I am here to tell you that  vacation and enjoying yourself does NOT have to mean that you have to give up trying new foods and restaurants or eat nothing but plain chicken and veggies.  You just need to go into it with a plan and the right mindset!

The morning we left, I stopped to check in with Jamie and weigh in.  I knew that seeing her would help to hold myself accountable.   I started off vacation officially down just over 10 lbs since my awakening almost 2 months ago.  I had the momentum and wanted to make sure I stayed there.  As I have said before, I am not tied to that number on the scale.  I know that it is only 1 part of a person’s overall wellness.  It is just one of the many tools that I use to measure where I am and keep myself accountable.

Armed with healthy snacks in the car we hit the road.  We spent the next 6 days traveling, exploring, enjoying some amazing shows and taking in the sights and sounds of Nashville.  We also enjoyed the local flavors!

And enjoy the flavors, we did!

There was the sausage platter at a German Restaurant in Indianapolis…

The skillet of Mac & Cheese topped with Hot Chicken in Nashville…

Beverage samples at various distilleries…

The Jack Daniels Whiskey apples over ice cream for his birthday on Sunday…

The Trashcan nachos and Bacon Mac & Cheese burger in Louisville…

Yes, I ate it all!  But, my son is just as much of a foodie as I am, so when we would head out for lunch or dinner, we always ordered 1 or 2 things, and then shared them!  This gave us the chance to try more of the local flavors, without completely over indulging.

I packed my cooler bag with hard boiled eggs, fruit and snacks when I needed a snack.

I grabbed fruit from the hotel lobby when I could.

I picked up a case of water to leave in the cooler so that I always had some handy.

We also did a lot of walking!  Parking around Nashville can be a challenge sometimes so many times we would park and then walk to several different places, which meant by the end of the day, we walked several miles!

Any of you that know me, also know that I never leave home without my running shoes.  Sunday morning, while the birthday boy slept in, I headed out to one of the local greenway’s and went for a run!  I got in 7 miles through some beautiful parks and yes… there were hills!  In fact, after my run, I posted one of my photos in a group online and one of the gals asked me if I really ran “The Beast”.  Apparently the hill that I ran down (and eventually had to go back UP) is known to pretty much all the runners in Nashville.  It’s a nice long hill with a killer incline – complete with benches along the way up, just in case you need to stop and rest.  I will admit, I did not RUN all the way back up the beast.  I think I made it to the 2nd bench and then walked the rest of the way up!

I will admit that by the time we got home on Tuesday, I was tired of eating out!  Yes, we had some great food, but after almost a week, I was ready for some home cooked meals and returning to my normal routine.  Back to knowing exactly what was in my food and how it was prepared.  Back to my morning cycling classes and afternoon runs.

Having a plan is necessary to keep yourself moving forward.  I went into my vacation with a positive mindset and a plan of action.  But I was also realistic.  I knew that I wanted to enjoy everything about Nashville – the sights, the sounds and the food.  I told myself that I was going to be ok, if the scale was back up a little when I got home.  A gain on the scale for one week does not define the entire journey.  Part of the journey is finding the balance.  Finding what works for you to be able to keep moving forward, while still enjoying life.

Today, it was back to keeping myself accountable and time to “face” the scale.   I honestly was expecting the scale to be up this morning, but was pleasantly surprised to actually be down 1 more pound!  I enjoyed vacation, I splurged on some meals, I kept myself moving and now, I am right back on track!

Remember, it’s all about finding balance.

And YES!

You can go on vacation and still lose weight… you just need to be smart about it!

Do you have your own secrets to staying on track when you travel?  Have you gone on vacation and not come home with an extra few pounds?  Share your successes below!

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