I forgot how much food teenage boys eat!

Spending the weekend camping for C’s graduation party means feeding a crowd of hungry boys!  Friday’s taco bar was a huge hit and it gave everyone a chance to eat whenever they we hungry.Saturday morning was a totally different story!  We have a crowd of people to feed, over half of which were teenagers!

Granted no one was really moving too early as we all were up well past midnight, just hanging out around the campfire.  Most of the adults were enjoying the quiet and some caffeine before the chaos.  Slowly, hammocks started moving, tent zippers started opening and sleepy yawns emerged.

Next order of business, feeding the crowd!

How do you feed breakfast to about 25 people while camping, including a group of hungry teenage boys?
Sarah had a fabulous solution for getting everyone fed in a timely manner while at the same time giving them options!

Omelets in a bag!

We started off by cooking off the sausage and hash browns and then let everyone build their own omelet into a zip-top bag.  We used quart size zip top bags and had each person write their name on their bag before getting started.  Next step, we added 2 eggs per bag and then everyone went thru the line to add their own toppings to their bag!

The bags were cooked for about 13 minutes in boiling water.  Keep in mind, if you do 3 eggs, you will need to add about 5 minutes of cooking time.  4 eggs plus topping was too much as it was too hard to get everything cooked thru

Who much of everything did we use?

About 4 dozen eggs
2 pounds of breakfast sausage
Leftover taco & chicken taco meat from last night
3 bags of cheese
2 packages of hashbrowns
Various seasonings and salsas
Jar of Jalapeños
2 tubs of fruit
plus a Strawberry margarita Kringle

While it may seen like 13 minutes to cook an omelet might seem like longer than cooking one in a pan, with this method, you can cook as many bags at one time that will fit in your stock pot!  We were cooking an average of 6 at a time.  Plus it was easy to keep track of who’s breakfast was who’s because everyone had their name on their bag!  We just called out names as they were cooked.

Added bonus – clean up was a a breeze!  Virtually no dishes to wash (except the pot used for cooking)

I call that a totally success!!

So, when it comes to eggs and omelets, what are you favorite toppings?

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