From a rainbow of color to running part of a marathon relay… what a weekend!

This is the first of 2 posts from this insanely busy but completely amazing weekend!  From Run or Dye in Green Bay to the Fox Cities Marathon, there was not much time for rest and relaxation, but I would not have traded it for much of anything!  It was another weekend filled with friends, family, laughs, challenges and accomplishments!

Part of our group before the run

Saturday morning was the long awaited Run or Dye color run in Green Bay – at Lambeau Field.  We had a group of 12 that met up at the stadium for 3 miles of color and fun, including my mom and aunt who were participating in their first 5k and then my cousin and his family who drove down from Michigan to join us!

You may recall that this is the second colorful run that we did this summer.  The first was the Color Run in Madison, back in June.  We were curious to see how Run or Dye was going to compare to Color Run… how different were they going to be or was it just the same thing, different name?  We were going to find out today!

First time we have seen Jennie if over 10 years!

John picked up our packets during the day on Friday to save us time on Saturday morning and we got a good laugh when he walked in the door with and armload of 8 t-shirts and Run or Dye Goodie Bags!  Darrin and I spent some time sorting through t-shrts, bib numbers and bags to get everyone’s stuff sorted and ready for the morning.

We were curious to see how they were going to do this event at and around Lambeau Field, with all of the residential areas.  How were they going to see up the run so that they didn’t cover people’s houses etc with paint?  Everything started and ended at Lambeau Field and actually went through much of the industrial areas around the stadium and some of the residential streets.  All of the color stations, except for one, were actually in the industrial area so everyone’s houses, cars etc were safe!

The day actually could not have been better!!  The weather was perfect (as long as you were not standing in the shade before the event started), we were hanging with friends and family and we were getting covered in paint!  what more could we ask for??  Proud of my mom and aunt for finishing their first ever 5k – and they already said they want to come back to do this one again!

After this morning, and half the crew heading to my house, I don’t think my shower will ever be the same again…

I’m surprised our teeth aren’t colored too!

Jumping TOGETHER was not in the cards today!

Not your traditional 5k, but it was their 1st one!

Jennie’s got the jump thing figured out!

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