Forward: Not just a way to move, but a way of life

A while back, someone asked me to think of a word to describe me, I thought it would be easy.  I could knock out this post in no time.  That was the furthest from the truth.  How do you describe yourself, in ONE word?  Yes, I am a mom, a business owner, a cycling instructor,  a wife, a runner, a friend… but then I realized these describe part of what makes me who I am, but that is just the start.

Over the last year, one word has constantly come up in so many aspects of my life… FORWARD!

As a word with many different meanings, it can be related to so many areas of your life.

For me, as a runner, I am always looking forward.  To the end of the days run, toward that next finish line.  Some days, it’s even just to the top of that next hill.  Yes, running is a huge part of my life and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.  I have goals (some that even my closest friends think are crazy) and will continue to push myself, but that is just part of who I am and my mission to keep moving forward.

However, have you ever thought about how FORWARD relates to the rest of your life?   You need to keep looking forward.  Towards the next goal, the next adventure, the next obstacle.  Your past is behind you.  You may have struggled.  You may have wished you did things differently.

One thing is certain though, you need to keep moving forward.  Toward the next goal, onto the next adventure, to meeting new people…

Sometimes, moving forward can mean taking a leap of faith.  It’s like being on that swinging trapeze and seeing that other swinging bar, just out of your reach.  You need to let go of what is comfortable, take that jump into the unknown, and trust that the bar will catch you.  Only then, can you continue to move forward.

This is exactly what I did a few years ago!   After working at the same job for 8+ years, with people that I loved, I realized that something was missing.  Deep down, I knew there was something more out there for me, something bigger than me.  After doing A LOT of soul searching and talking with a dear friend of mine about what was going through my mind, I found it.

It started out as an innocent ad on Facebook that I clicked on.  It was an advertisement for a career in Health Coaching.  After doing some reading about the program and what this could mean for me, I knew this was it! This was what I was looking for!  While dealing with my own health and wellness issues over the last 15 years, weight loss, weight gain, low energy, food sensitivities/allergies, messed up hormone levels, and so much more, I learned a lot through trial and error.  I wanted to share what I knew/learned with others, so that maybe they could find their healthy self before they had to deal with the health issues that I did!

It was time to pay it forward!  I wanted to go back to school.  After talking with my husband about it for a while and coming up with a game plan, for the next year,  I walked into work and put in my notice.

Two weeks later I started school.

Yes, it was scary.  Yes, part of me kept wondering if I made the right decision, but that other part of me was excited for the future and what it held for me!

I took a leap of faith.  I trusted that the other trapeze bar was going to be there to catch me.

Over the last year, I have learned so much.  Not only about health and wellness, but about myself.  Going through the program not only taught me about dozens of different diet and nutrition theories and how to effectively work with others to help them reach their goals.  It not only helped me to  tweak my own health and nutrition, but also for my entire family. It was a time of self discovery. I was also able to visualize my goals better.  I have realized how much I was dwelling on the past and holding myself back from what I really wanted.  Was I really living the life that I wanted?  Of the life that I thought that I wanted, because of what others wanted for me?

I am still working on this new side of me, but for the first time in many years, I feel like I am heading in the right direction!  My new health coaching practice officially launched a year ago and I an excited for the future!   My goal is to help as many people as I can to find their wellness and health, and to live the long happy lives that they deserve.

I know that I am still a work in progress, after all, I am human.  But the last year has taught me that there is more to life than you may realize.  You need to get out there and keep pushing yourself to be the best version of yourself that you can be!

You will face new challenges and have to work to overcome obstacles, but as long as you keep moving forward, you WILL get there!


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