Forget plain water, forget plain coconut water – it’s time to Detach!

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I’ll admit, I used to be a flavored coconut water gal.  I LOVED the my chocolate coconut water after a long run, especially on a warm summer day!  Nothing tasted better on a warm Saturday morning after miles on the local trains than an ice cold bottle of chocolate or other flavored coconut water.  I stopped drinking it when I started really watching the added sugars in my food and drinks. I didn’t like that most of them all had cane sugar or other sugars added.  

As a half marathoner and fitness junkie, I am always looking for ways to make my workouts, runs or recovery better.  I was excited when Detach offered to send me some of their product to try, especially when I realized that they use organic coconut nectar and organic raw wildflower honey to sweet it!

After stalking the mail lady for a few days, it arrived!

As I was reading more about this product, I quickly realized that Detach was not your typical hydration solution.  They have added just the right amount of purified sea salt to the coconut water, giving  you the critical sodium missing from coconut water alone, which is giving you an improved electrolyte balance!  After dealing with dehydration before and having my electrolytes completely out of wack after a few races, I really like the sound of this!

Since I have not been able to run in the last month due to some foot issues, I was going give this a try in the cycling studio!  I hit the studio Saturday morning to teach a full class, armed with my Detach.

According to the directions, they recommend 1 bottle before and then 1 bottle during a workout, so I made sure I had two bottles with me.  As I got ready for class and chatted with some of the members coming in for class, I was sipping on my Detach.  The first thing that I noticed was the light lemon/lime flavor to enhance the coconut!  I immediately thought of how wonderful this would taste during the summer when the heat was an added factor!  I also noticed that there was something missing…


Virtually every hydration drink I have tried has had some sort of aftertaste.  Many times it was from imitation sweeteners or other additives.  Since Detach is sweetened naturally with the coconut nectar and raw honey, there is nothing artificial to give it the funky aftertaste!

Once class started, I drank my Detach just as I would any water or other hydration option I would have brought to class.  It was not until after class that I realized what Detach did for me DURING class!  I always look at the bike computer to see how far I rode during class.  This was the same class, same workout that I have been doing for the last few weeks.  I generally hit about the same distance each time I teach.  However, during this particular workout, I rode about 10% further than I normally do in the same hour long class! I also felt like I could have still rode further!  WINNER!

After class, as I headed out to do some foam rolling and stretching, I finished off what was left in the second bottle I had with me.

Since I received a total of 6 bottles, I have a few more to try out over the next week and am eager to see what else Detach can do for me!  So far, I am liking what I am seeing and have a feeling that Detach will become part of my long runs and races in the future!


For more on Detach, check out their website!  TO have your questions answered live, check out the BibRave BibChat tomorrow night (January 23rd) at 8pm CST on Twitter!  We will be there chatting hydration and so much more!

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