Fitness equipment at the grocery store? YES!

Fitness does not have to cost a fortune!  Yes, you can spend as much as you want, but with little a patience and keeping your eyes open, you can find fitness equipement either on sale or at a nice discount!

For starters, there are many options for used equipment out there!  Play It Again Sports has been one of my favorite places to shop, as well as sell, used sports and fitness equipment for several years!  Trust me, with a growning boy in the house, I went thru more pairs of skates and snowshoes than I care to remember.  But I was always able to sell the “too small” ones and the buy “new” ones… to get through the next winter.  Only to do the same thing again the following year!

Today I wanted to share my find at someplace that even I normally don’t LOOK for fitness equipment… the grocery store!

Ok, first off, excuse the mess in my basement, but I had to share my latest fitness find while I was grocery shopping on Sunday!  Yes, I was grocery shopping and I found fitness equipemnt!

TRX suspension strength training classes have always been some of my favorite classes – just signed up for another round of classes! They also sell home versions of their equipemnt also, but the price has always been more than I wanted to spend.

Then on Sunday as I was wandering the aisles at Aldi’s I found this gem! It’s an off brand, but works just as well and it was a fraction of the price! For a whopping $15 I can do my own TRX style workouts, in the comfort of my own home!! That’s right!  $15!!  They also had small foam rollers, roller sticks, kettle bells and a few other things, all at similar prices.

If you are not familiar with TRX training, it is bodyweight exercise program that work to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. This is done with a set of heavyweight nylon straps that uses gravity and the user’s body weight to complete 100s of exercises.

This particular set up is designed to attach over a door or can be wrapped around a bar. (I can even take my workouts outdoors with this one!!)  Unfortunatly, none of the interior doors in my house have enough clearance between the top of the door and the door frame to allow enough room for the strap. So I had to improvise… but I figured it out!

I now have my own suspension training system in my basement!  So, keep your eyes open out there! You can find inexpenseive fitness equipment, sometimes if the strangest places, but if it works, that’s ok! So far, I have no complaints!

As I mentioned, I just signed up for the current session of TRX classes at the gym, but now that I have this beauty at home, I can repeat those same workouts from class at home!  Winter marathon training just jumped to a whole new level!!  Thanks Aldi’s for hooking the Crazy Hamster up!

What have been your best fitness finds out there?  Where do you go for the best deals?  Please tell me!  I love being able to get in a good workout at home but don’t want to break the bank on equipment!

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