Curse the Scale, Embrace the pinch

Tonight night when I met with my trainer I informed him that I was not holding my breath for a good number.  The scale was not nice to me at home this morning, so I was pretty sure that it would be the same result at the gym.  I was tracking what I ate, made smart choices when we ate out and got in my workouts.  I was right… scale was up another pound.  This makes 2 weeks in a row that the scale was up so it was getting a little frustrating.

What more can a girl do, aside from giving up everything in her life?  I want to succeed at this, but I don’t want to have to give up everything in my life just to lose the weight.  I enjoy my pizza on occasion, wine is my friend and who doesn’t like chocolate?  Balance is the key to life.  There has to be a way to balance the desire to get back to a healthy weight without having to give up everything that you enjoy.  I am determined to find it.

Today he told me that he wants to do a body fat test.  3 quick pinches will hopefully tell us what we need to know We have not done one since I started working with him at the end of October – on Halloween to be exact.  I was totally game for that – who would not be!

I know that the scale is only one part of the equation, but it is the one component that is the easiest to focus on.  The scale is right there in the bathroom, calling to me each time I walk into the room.  It is too easy just to hop on and see what is has to say.  It’s the curse that has virtually controlled my mornings for several years now.   Next old habit to break – stop stepping on the scale daily!  My trainer has suggested that I not torture myself like that. As it is, I weigh in at the gym weekly, as well as weigh in at work once a week for the Biggest Loser competition there.  That is more than enough.  This is going to be a tough one – I have been a chronic peeker for years!  It is part of my morning routine!  I guess it is time to hide the scale and see where that takes us!

The measurements that we have been taking at the gym every few weeks have slowly shown that things have been moving.  Granted they have been moving slowly, but when the total pounds lost (7 pounds as of last night) is less that the total inches lost (9.1 inches since last week), it makes one scratch you head.  Something is happening inside…  After a few pinches, and some quick calculations, the results were in.  I was down 11% body fat since the start!  BINGO!

So it is official, although the scale is not showing it, there is something happening under all this fluff!  The Pinch tells the unseen chapters of the story!  Embrace it and use it to fuel the mission!

With that behind us, it was time to get to the workout!  It was that beloved week when we change up the routine and push it to the next level!  It was a great feeling when I finished a few of the new exercises that he said he needed to add more weight next time – I was stronger than he thought!  Now that will definitely keep a girl motivated!  Now I just get to wait and see what is in store for me tomorrow!

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