Cryotherapy, And why I went back to be frozen again… and again

Great things never came from comfort zones…14925643_1488416614518182_5722573983483873905_n

Sometimes you just need to take that first step to being uncomfortable… you never know what will happen!

As you all know, last month, I really stepped out of my comfort zone and gave Cryotherapy a try (original post here).  Yes, it was uncomfortable… when would being THAT cold ever NOT be uncomfortable.  But I sucked it up and tried it… and then I went back again!

Yes, After that initial freeze, I went back for more!

Not just once or twice, but so far, 3 more times!

Yes, that’s 4 times that I have been frozen now.  So, I figured that it was time for another update!   Am I crazy, maybe, but sometimes, being crazy helps!

Just a little more background on why I decided to give some extra visits a try after my first one…

Over the last year (or maybe more) I have been seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis and one of our focuses has always been the sciatic issues that come and go.  It’s never terrible, but it never seems to completely go away.  Now, please don’t get me wrong, I love my chiropractor and will continue regular treatments.  It’s not his fault that my sciatic issues never go away… it’s mine.  I am a stubborn runner that really doesn’t like to slow down!  so we work with that!  When I was talking with Mandi after my initial appointment, I mentioned this issue and she was excited to see what they could do!

I also have been dealing with some foot and knee tenderness over the last few month. To the point  that inwould wake up at night with a stabbing feeling in my foo!  So, between this and the sciatic issues, I figured that it couldn’t hurt to see what a few more freezing sessions would do!

Robin enjoying her first freeze!

It was time to freeze again!  I headed in for a few more sessions before I headed out to Oregon, one on Tuesday afternoon (Thanks for joining me Robin!) and then again Wednesday morning before I headed out of town.

I then spend an amazing week in the Portland Oregon area, hiking, exploring, running a half marathon and everything in between, including a day trip to the ocean.  Aside from a small amount of foot pain after a day of hiking waterfalls (to the tune of 100 flights of stairs over the day’s adventure) that I was able to roll out by using a tennis ball, I had zero issues with pain.

The view from partway up Multnomah Falls

Once I flew home, after an amazing week full of adventures, I headed back in for another freezing session and was joined by my friend and coworker Jenny.  It was the perfect way to ground myself and get myself ready to get back to school, work and every day life.

Since that day of my last freeze, over a week ago, there still has been no occurrence of the sciatic pain (almost 3 weeks and counting!),  the majority of the foot pain has subsided (turning your ankle when you are running a 10k tends to flare that back up, but a little ice and rest took care of that one!) and I feel like I can take on the world.  I actually met with a physical therapist the other day just to follow up on the foot/ankle pain issues to see what I need to do to get myself back to 100%.  Aside from a few stretching and strengthening exercises, she had nothing for me!  No need for me to schedule another appointment.

Now, after dealing with the sciatic issues for as long as I have, it could have just been coincidence that it decided to leave now… but deep down, I don’t believe it!  I have not changed anything else… I’m still running and working out like I was before.  I just added Cryotherapy!

For me, it was 4 visits and so far no more sciatic issues.  Will it happen that fast for you?  Hard to say.  All I know is that I can only tell you what happened to me.  It was well worth being uncomfortable for 2 minutes at a time!  Give Cryotherapy of Wisconsin a call and see what they can do for you!  Just be sure to tell them that I sent you!  Better yet, let me know you want to give it a try!  I’ll go with you and we can freeze together!


This follow up review is strictly my own opinion.  Although I did receive referral credit for those friends that joined me, I was not paid for this review nor receive any additional compensation.  Your personal results may vary.  


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