Crazy Hamster Running Wild in Green Bay, Volume 2

What started out as a crazy idea has turned into a crazy adventure!

Welcome to Volume 2 of Crazy hamster Running Wild in Green Bay!  This month sees more streets on foot but also adds a lot of miles on wheels!  Yup, lots of biking all over the county!  Where all did we end up… you are about to find out!

Week 5 (July 1st – 7th)
Run/walk miles = 5.51 Bike miles = 53.94**

This was a relatively quiet week on the streets of Green Bay as we were on vacation in Michigan for a good part of the week.  So while I was running and walking, it was in a completely different state… so again, it’s not going to count for miles here!

The big adventure for the week however was the biking adventure that Ellyn and I took on the morning of the Fourth of July!  We headed out barely after the sun came up for a 35 mile ride on the Fox River trail.  Now you might be asking yourself… if these bike miles were on the trail, why are we counting them?  In theory they don’t count, but the adventure was too fun not to share!  I also had to buy my trail pass to legally use the trail!  Now, if having to pay for that isn’t motivation to get out and ride more, I don’t know what it!

We had hoped for a stop at the winery on our adventure, but seeing as it was only 7am when we got there in the morning, we weren’t surprised that they were not open.  We however then were disappointed to find that, since it was a holiday, they were not going to be open that day at all!  So much for a wine stop on the way home!

The trail was awesome, the weather was perfect and we were having so much fun that we really forgot to pay attention to how far we had been going.  Once we stopped to actually pull up the map on my phone, we realized we were almost to Hilbert to opted to head there to find a restroom and refill our water bottles.  By the time we got to the gas station on the other side of town, we had already gone 27 miles.  So much for our 35 mile ride – we still had to get all the way back to our cars!  By the time we got back to our cars (after stopping for ice cream for lunch) we were just shy of 54 miles.  maybe one day we will learn how to count our miles when we are biking!  LOL

The only other miles that I was able to put in around town was some of the streets around one of my favorite parks!  Since I needed to cover streets all around the park, I saved myself some repeated streets by cutting through the park (this also have me a restroom stop along the way!  

Week 6 (July 8th – 14th)
Run/walk miles = 9.03  Bike miles = 0**

The much anticipated Titletown Bike Tour finally arrived!  More miles throughout the county.  Since none of the 75.3 miles that we rode were actually in Green Bay, I am not counting them in my totals.  I wanted to mention it here just so you could have some fun with us and enjoy the adventures!  Ellyn and I, in true fashion, can’t just go out and ride the miles that are planned… we always do extra!

Our 100k ride ended up being 120k!  OOPS!  For a full recap on this fun filled day, head on over to the recap HERE! Hit up some new neighborhoods which I have run near before, but never through!  Mostly quiet neighborhoods but sometimes that’s what the soul needs!  I did come across this awesome old playset in one of the yards… they definitely don’t make them like that anymore!

Apparently I didn’t take too many more pictures this week during my adventures.  Either that or I was so focused on getting through the miles that I forgot to pay attention to everything around me! I guess I needs to get better about that!

It was also a quieter week as I started to add some track workouts to my weekly routine to get ready for my first Duathlon that I am running at the end of August.  After running long and slower miles for well over a year, the Hamster needs to start working on some speed again!

Sometimes the best part about getting up early to get in miles…There is nothing more to add… simply stunning!

Week 7 (July 15th – 21st)
Run/walk miles = 11.32 Bike miles = 0

Another week, more track workout and a 5k in a neighboring town, so I was limited on what time I had to do more exploring!

Anyone need a piano?  I can only imagine the stories this one could tell!  really makes you stop and wonder… who may have played this one? What has it seen?  Heard?

Some people have the best landscaping!  This whole house and all of the landscaping around it carried a very oriental theme.  I could have wandered through this yard for hours just checking out all the fun stuff… but I figured they homeowners didn’t want to wake up at 7am to find some stranger wandering through their yard!
More park!  This one was cool, might need to come back and actually check out this playground more!  I could really kick out a good workout here!And this same park was also another one sponsored by the Green bay Packers!  This one was put in in 2012 as part of their Staff Community Day Project!Again, not a lot of miles this week as we headed back up to Michigan, so 3 days of miles were up there, where I was able to enjoy some quiet mornings along the lake and around the streets from oh so many years ago!

Week 8 (July 22nd – 28th)
Run/walk miles = 13.27 Bike miles = 0

This week was all about exploring downtown! I have not really spent much time walking around the streets of downtown – EVER.  I quickly realized that I needed to change this!  I also realized how to get the guys to come with me – I just need to tell them that I am going for a walk and that they can play Pokemon GO! while we are out!  Each time we were downtown, we covered about 3 miles and they were having fun!

Light up fish anyone?  The walkway under the bridge is lit up with glowing fish!We were really surprised to see how high the water was.  Apparently while we were up north over the weekend, they got A LOT of rain around here!  However, by the time I walked buy here again a few days later, it was back down to normal!Green Bay WI – AKA Titletown USA!  Home of the Green Bay Packers!  The Green Bay Packers have won the most championships with 13 total (9 NFL championships pre-merger, four (4) Super Bowl championships). The Packers are also the only team to win three consecutive championships, having done so twice (1929–1931, 1965–1967).  Pride runs deep around here!The original YMCA in Green Bay also just received an amazing facelift over the last year!  Recently renamed the Ferguson YMCA, everything inside has been updated, while keeping the amazing history of the building intact!  It’s definitely worth checking out if you are in the area!More Titletown Pride!  Titletown Brewing Company is located inside the old railroad station!  If you are a fan handcrafted quality beers, you will want to check out what this place has to offer!  Plus, the food is pretty good too  🙂No trip downtown for me is complete without stopping at the Neville Museum to say hey to the dinosaurs!  These Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaurs made their debut outside the Neville Public Museum in 2002.  Later named Mama and Baby Bones, these sculptures have become emblems of the Neville’s mission and identity.  And how can you not have fun with them when they are wearing party hats!

One of the coolest things about the area is that if you look closely, you can see artifacts and and relics of the deep history of the area.  Here we have the Fort Howard Elementary school, which was built in 1975 and then refurbished back to it’s old glory in 2012.One of the many monuments along the river… perfectly silhouetted with the evening sun reflecting off the condo’s across the river!
After spending a few evenings downtown on this adventure, I can’t wait to get back down there to see what else I can find!  There is a really cool Heritage Trail that starts downtown that I can’t wait to see more of!

Total miles for the month = Run/Walk = 39.13, Bike = 59.94

Totals so far for the Project Run/walk = 97.9, Bike = 112.79

Now that I think I am caught up on where I should be, I am hoping to stay on top of this better so that I can get regular updates out when they should be!

Thanks again for following along on the adventure!  Time to get my feet moving and see more of this town!

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