Chasing Leprechauns

Waking up before the crack of dawn, with temperatures in the low teens and snow/ice everywhere is really not be idea of fun when it comes to heading out to run a 5k.  But that was exactly what we did this morning!  Mission = St Patty’s Day 5K in Appleton  .  This marks the first 5K run since the Packers Training Camp run last July.  Matt and I were on the road bright and early… ok it was not really bright outside when we his the road, it was just early!

With with the training/conditioning that I have been doing in the last few months in they gym, I should not have been worried.  My trainer has expressed his confidence that I am ready and will succeed.  However, approaching that starting line was somewhat nerve wracking!  Would I really be able to finish this?  Would I be able to even come close to my 36 minute time that I was aiming for?  Can I survive my first outside run this winter?  Would I be able to keep up with Matt – considering he is quite a bit taller than me?

I know I can do this.  I have done it before.  This is just another run.

The cold and wind was something that we could have done without – it was brutal.  But we pushed through it.  I pushed myself and ended up running all but about a half mile of the course.  In the end, we finished with a time of 38:28, slightly over my 36 minute goal.  I am not going to complain one bit!  With the wind, cold and lack of outdoor training, I call it a success!  Unfortunately, I did not get any pictures at the event because I was so cold once we finished that I just wanted to get out of the crowd,  head for home and find my warm comfy clothes!

Any guesses on how long it will take for the lunges to thaw out?

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