Birthday 1 Mile Fun Run

Ok, if this is what it is like to turn 40, I really don’t know what people are complaining about!

Yesterday was the best day I could have asked for!

I had homemade Run Chata cupcakes to take to work that my awesome son made for me, which everyone loved!  They all know and love Darrin’s cupcakes and when I sent out the email letting everyone know that there were cupcakes to be eaten, I had to add the disclaimer that they would NOT last all day.  If they wanted one, they better make sure they come early!  By the end of the day, there were 2 left!

I was also treated to an awesome birthday lunch by my dear friend and running partner Matt.  There of course is thanks that go out to my boss who was ok with my taking a little longer of a lunch break so that we could go out for something besides fast food or pizza buffet!

Wendy, Tom, myself and John before the run

Then after work, I ran with my other running partner Wendy in the GB Downtime Mile.  Tom also joined us for the run (even though h ran ahead of us and finished before us) and John came along for the ride.  A few days ago, Wendy told me that we were going to shoot for a 9 minute mile… I told her she was crazy!  Running in 70+ degree temps is never something that I enjoy, but I was going to see what I could do!  We started off to a flying start and by the time we got to the first turn, Wendy told me that we needed to slow down – we were running at less than a 7 minute mile pace!  We slowed down and crossed the first bridge.  Once we got over that bridge and turned the corner we fell into a comfortable pace and were shooting for that 9 minute goal!  By the time we were crossing the second bridge, heading to the finish line, I had a feeling we were going to be close to reaching our time goal, but I was not sure if I could actually keep up the pace!  Upon the final approach to the finish line, reality hit me… I was going to run  my mile in UNDER 9 minutes!  My Runtastic App told me that I just crossed a mile shortly before the finish line… and the timer at the finish line said 0:09:02 and I went 1.09 miles… which translated to a 8:20 min/mile!  We rocked that mile!

awesome birthday cake at Republic Chophouse

Once Christopher was done with work, he met up with us at Titletown and then we headed over to his place across the rive so that I could change out of my running clothes and figure out where we wanted to go for
dinner.  After some deliberating, and Christopher talking up the awesome Prime Rib sandwich, we headed to Republic Chophouse!  The food was amazing!  Crab and Cheese Quesadilla, crab stuffed mushrooms and prime rib sandwiches! Everything was phenomenal!  Just when I could not eat another bite, the waitress brought out dessert for us…  a HUGE slice of Red Velvet Cake! This “slice” of cake was bigger than my head!! The photo was actually taken after I had already cut off a piece of it, so you can imagine just how big it was!  Even with 3 of us eating it, we ended up taking over 1/3 of it home!

All in all, it was a fabulous day!  I got to spend it with some of my favorite people in the world!  Many thanks for making it extraordinary!

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