Back after a weekend relaxing

Redwood Winery, Sturgeon Bay

After a weekend relaxing and visiting wineries in Door County, it was great to get back into the routine. Overall, the weather was on the dreary side for most of the weekend, but we did not let that take away from the fact that we were away form home, getting the chance to spend some quality family time together.  I never thought I would say going to the gym was part of my routine, but it has. I actually missed being able to get into the gym over the weekend when we were out of town! I did get in a short walk on Saturday as Darrin and I explored part of downtown Sturgeon Bay, unfortunately the off and on rain showers sent us back inside before too long.

I was not surprised that the scale was up a little this week.  Between the dining out most of the weekend, wine samples and then a company dinner on Sunday night, I knew that it was coming.  I was prepared for it and have decided that I am not going to let it bother me.  Last week’s measurements showed that I am still slowly losing inches.  1 week with a gain is not going to kill me.  It keeps me motivated to get back on track and keep moving forward.

Wendy and I at the Soups and Suds
Benefit a few weeks ago

I stumbled across this picture in my phone today of Wendy and I at the Soups and Suds benefit.  This is the same friend that I posted the picture with previously at the Packer PreSeason game.  What a difference a few month in the gym makes!  The changes are happening slowly, but they are happening!  Having great friends that encourage you along the way is always a good thing too!  Wendy keeps telling me that we need to do some training together for a half marathon… we will see about that.  I have done a few half marathons in the past, but after a few injuries in years past, long distance runs have been put onto the back burner.  One day again… you never know!

I did sign up for the St Patty’s Day 5k that is this weekend.  I used to do at least 4-5 5K’s each year but with the above mentioned injuries, I took a break from running as many of them- last summer my road bike was my friend!   This will be the 1st 5k that I will be running since the Packers Training Camp run last summer.  I did conquer the Warrior Dash last fall, but that can’t be considered in the same category as a traditional 5k – that was insanity in the form of fun! There will be one major difference between the training camp run and this on… the last one was 90+ degrees by the time I finished the run – forecast for this weekend in mid-30’s.   BRRRRRR!  Joining me on this run is my friend Matt.  It will be interesting running with him as he is over 6 feet tall (compared to me being 5’4″)  I am going to have to take 4 steps to keep up with his every 2!  5 days and counting!

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