Another crazy week and even crazier weekend!

Another crazy week has come and gone!  
One of my favorite quotes lately has been “Get comfortable with Being uncomfortable” This past week I definitely got out of my comfort zone and tried a few new things!

Last week on Thursday, my friend Colleen invited me to Bootcamp at her gym.  1st class was free and then they also offer the next full week of classes free too… so now was my chance to try a few new classes!

Monday night it was Insanity!  Now, I didn’t get a change to get a picture of us after this workout – and that is probably a good thing!  I am sure I was looking mighty fine!  I managed to make it through the class with minimal  modifications, but yes, I did have to modify some.  I left knowing that I pushed it to my fullest potential!

New fitness adventures for the week

Tuesday morning I hit the 5:15am circuit at the gym, my favorite way to get my day started!  Nothing like a good workout to get the body moving!  Then Tuesday night was PIYO class with Colleen and Cat.  All I can say is WOW!  I felt like Gumby a few times, being twisted in all kinds of different directions!  It was really awesome to get some yoga mixed into the routine!  I can tell how adding this to my normal routine would be a huge benefit to helping me with my flexibility and balance.  

Tuesday Morning wake-up call!

Wednesday I opted to sleep in a bit and just hit the gym after work.  The workout was nothing to sneeze at either!  Strength Circuits!  Full on arm workout that left me with nothing left after all those rounds.  Floor presses, Seasaw presses, Below Deck push-ups and BosuBall Side Planks… But when those rounds were done, it was time for the “extra credit”… 30lb kettle bell in each hand, walking around the gym for 5 minutes! 

Doesn’t seem like anything too bad, but anytime you either dropped or set down your kettle bells, you had to stop and do 10 push-ups.  Don’t put your kettle bells down, you don’t have to do any more push-ups.  I was determined NOT to do anymore push-ups!  I spent my 5 minutes walking around both the strength and Circuit sides of the gym, making laps through the entire gym.  My arms were burning but I was not stopping!

In the end I managed to do my entire 5 minutes without having to do any pushups!  Granted I couldn’t lift my arms for another 5 minutes, but I did it!

All the toys were out at the gym on Wednesday!

Thursday night was the final free class for me at Energy Fitness & Dance and it was truly memorable!  It was Bootcamp night again!  Last week, everything we did was with tires… this week it was pumpkins!  

Over the course of the hour, we bonded with our pumpkins, squated with them, lunged with them, dragged then around the room on carpet squares.  The tires from last week were probably jealous of these beloved pumpkins!

Pumpkin Bootcamp!

Friday was break time!  My son had the day off from school and I needed a break and had a bunch of stuff that I wanted to get done, so I took the day off from work!  It was really a treat to be able to sleep in – even if that meant that I was still awake by 7:30am, it was past 4:30 so I was not going to complain!

Plus, my new running tights finally arrived!  Just in time for Saturday’s Door County Fall 50 relay adventure!  But that is a whole new post… so stay tuned for those adventures!

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