After almost 18 months, The Crazy Hamster is back!

I know, it’s been a while since I posted!  We all know that they last year and a half (or more) has been interesting, to say the least.  I realized quickly that I needed to take a step back on focus on other things and getting out here on a regular basis.

Now is time to get back to it!

But thing might look a little different!  Yes, I am going to continue to share my running adventures, races and other things that I shared before (recipes, food etc), but I also want to start adding posts about many of the places that I visit on my adventures!  I have visited some amazing places, had some epic adventures and I want to share many of those with you!  Over the last few years I have started to really find myself again and have realized that I had been missing out on so many of the things that I loved and that it was time to get back to nature!  I’ve bought a kayak, a tent, a pop-up camper and have started picking up more things to make life outdoors that much more!  I am ready to take all of these things and head out on more and more adventure and I can’t wait to share these with you! Maybe along the way, you will find some places that you too want to visit or maybe you can also share your favorite places that you think I need to visit!

The world is yours to explore. Crater Lake 2021

You also know that I love playing in the kitchen and trying new foods/recipes.  I am happy to say that has NOT changed!  But I am also looking at expending my cooking to outdoors!  Just because you are camping or out in the woods doesn’t mean it’s burgers and hot dogs all the time!  It’s time to take that camping food to the next level!

What else have I been doing? Last year was filled with A LOT of walking, and trips up north. I did some running, but not much. This year brought about a few amazing trips (once I felt comfortable to travel again), several weekends up north and plenty of adventure. I will be upping the running miles again too as I jumped in big time, hired a running coach and will be heading to TN in March 2022 for a 50k with some of my amazing BibRave ladies!

Remote camping! No power, no internet, no facilities!

Over the next few weeks (or months) I will be sharing many of the adventures that I had in the last year and as we move forward, I will start sharing more of my adventures as they happen!  But I also want to share with you some of my tip and tricks that I have learned along the way! I’ll even share some of my favorite products that I take with me on these adventures, even if they are just in my back yard!

What has been your favorite memory from 2021 so far? Comment below!

Stay tuned for what mine is!

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