About the Crazy Hamster

After having my blog now for several years, and now moving it to it’s new home, I figured that it was time for me to sit down and write my “About me” post…

What started out as in 5k with my son back in 2007, has evolved into something much more.

If, 15 years ago, someone would have told me that I would become a runner, I would have told them that they were crazy.  I couldn’t even run a mile without feeling like I was dying.  Don’t get me wrong, at that time in my life, I THOUGHT I was in shape, had lost quite a bit of weight through walking and healthier eating, but running was not something that I even thought about.

I slowly started running a few more 5k’s and eventually decided to sign up for the Bellin 10k.  I finished that race and thought I was going to die!  Granted it was a warm June morning and I actually walked more than I ran, but I finished.  But I had caught the bug!

In 2010, I completed my 1st half marathon. I signed up to walk the Fox Cities Half Marathon with a friend.  It was at that point that I realized that after a few miles, I wanted to run!  Yes, walking is a good thing, but after about 7 miles, we actually wanted to run so that we could stretch out some other muscles.  We finished that day in 3:12.  We were pleased with our results for the day, and I learned so much about myself and what the body could do, when you ask it to!  It was the start of something new… something strange but exciting.  I wanted more!

Since that day in 2010, I have completed over a 50k, 3 Marathons, 57 half marathons, a few other odd distance runs (8 miles, 15k, 17k, 200 mile relays…), several 10ks and way too many 5k’s to count. I am on a mission to run a half marathon in all 50 states (plus the bonus of Washington DC) and at this point I am over halfway there.   Each year I work to knock off a few more states and let me feel show me the country.

A few years ago, I decided that I needed to start keeping a journal of my running adventures. I started blogging about the races I completed and other random fitness related things. Since then, my blogged has taken on a life of it’s own and when my adventures started getting crazier, a friend started referring to me as the Crazy Hamster, since I was never sitting still. The name stuck and the Crazy Hamster Blog was born!

Over the years, I have learned A LOT about running, nutrition, myself and so much more.  Each day is a new adventure and I am determined to make the most out of every day that I have been given.  Along the way I have met some amazing people, had the opportunity to travel to some amazing places and have no intention in slowing down or stopping anytime soon!

Through all of training and adventures, I have also learned that nutrition plays a huge roll in your performance along the way.  And it’s not just on race day!  You need to be properly fueled to train, but also to just get through every day life!  I am always looking for ways to fuel myself better, not only for the countless activities that I find myself involved in, but also in life! After struggling with my own nutrition and wellness for so many years, I have decided to move forward and use that knowledge to help others.  I am now a Certified Health Coach and AMP’d Wellness was born. I look forward to working with individuals and families to help them live long, happy  healthy lives.

Now, the Crazy Hamster blog has been combined with AMP’d Wellness, since my crazy adventures are only possible by the health and wellness journey that has become my life! The blog will not only focus on races, but also training, food, and fun – the amazing combination that can take you unbelievable places!

Stick around and enjoy the fun with us! You never know where the Hamster will run next! I might even be heading to your town in the future on my quest to run a half marathon in all 50 states (plus Washington D)! If I am heading to your corner of the world, let me know! I’d love to connect! Better yet? If you live in a state I have not run (Map coming soon!) let me know where I need to run! What’s your favorite race and why should I come run it!?!?