50 Miles in one weekend? It will be a challenge, but we are going to try!

With back to school creeping up on us quickly and cooler fall days around the corner, it’s time for the 4th annual mom/son weekend up in Michigan.  This weekend, Darrin and I are grabbing the bikes, hiking shoes (and running shoes of course!) and heading up to Munising to spend the weekend on the shore of Lake Superior.   Last years adventures can be found HERE (you might just have to scroll down to find the 4 day adventure)

  Over the years, on these trips, we have had the opportunity to explore so many areas of the Munising area, Kayaking around Grand Island one year and biking around the entire island the next, finding remote waterfalls, biking the Valley Spur bike trail and so much more.  This year, our goal is simple, between the hiking, biking and running, our goal is 50 miles.  Ok, maybe the goal itself is simple, but accomplishing it might be a bit trickier!

How are we going to accomplish this?

1.  When we arrive at our hotel, the bikes will come off the car and, aside from driving out to the remote trail heads for the hikes we are considering, we are walking, running or biking everywhere.  Our hotel is only about a mile or so from town, so when we head in for lunch/dinner, there is no need to take the car!  We are also only a short distance from several other local waterfalls, so bikes will be the main mode of transport.

2. Chapel Rock/Beach hike.  Last year we made a quick hike out to Chapel Rock and decided that this year we are planning ahead and doing the full loop and hitting Mosquito Beach and Falls.  Total – about 10 miles.

3.  Morning run!  This will mainly be me so that I can get a few more training miles in.  Distance yet to be determined each day.

Over the 3 days that we are gone, I will report our total miles for the day to my daily post!

Of course there will be the food adventures too!  When Darrin and I travel together, we have 3 food rules that we always try to follow:
1.  No chain restaurants – mom and pop/local places all the way!
2.  No restaurant that we have dined at before.
3.  If we do need to repeat a restaurant, we have to order something different.  This amendment helps when visiting small towns or when we have found a local hot spot that we really enjoy!

What are you doing this weekend to challenge yourself?

Lets to this thing!  (and here’s to hoping the weather cooperates!)

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